yurts. yurts for sale. yurts for hire. since 1994

yurts. yurts for sale. yurts for hire. since 1994



Craftsman built yurts since 1994

by the author of C.A.T publication 'How to build a yurt'

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Back in 1994 I was asked to build a yurt by my partner. After resisting for a while I gave up and started on my first one, a sweet chestnut 16 footer which we still have.

I was able to use all the greenwood skills I had learned over several years building windsor chairs on my pole lathe to bring a level of finish more usual on furniture than yurts at that time

I had no idea then that nearly 16years later I would still be building yurts and the related structure, the Alachigh for people from all walks of life.

And what's more, I still enjoy building these amazing tents.


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